Work Package

The work package (WP) is to illustrate the smallest level of the i-CARE Work Breakdown Structure for which cost and duration can be estimated and managed.


Needs assessment and benchmarking

  • Benchmarking of EU partners in the field of Rehab Tech.
  • Needs assessment survey administration
  • Needs analysis
  • Needs assessment study.
  • Final workshop

Training Program

  • Prepared Courses
  • Staff Training
  • Peer to peer training
  • EU staff mobility

Curricula development

  • Introducing specific modules on rehabilitation technology.
  • Developing the curricula of the selected academic courses.
  • Designing and preparing the practical materials for the courses.
  • Video tutorial Establishment
  • Evaluation and review of the developed curricula.
  • Integrating the developed courses in the academic plans and teach it.

Lab development

  • Required facilities and equipment plan
  • Developing and upgrading laboratory units
  • Rehab Tech training
  • Final ceremony

Quality Plan

  • Preparing Quality Control Forms (applications)
  • Preparing Quality Control Reports
  • Performing Project Impact Analysis
  • Preparing and submitting Monitoring Reports
  • Preparing external evaluation Report

Dissemination & Exploitation

  • Develop exploitation strategy and dissemination plan.
  • Developing and maintaining a web portal, forum, and YouTube channel.
  • Preparing of dissemination materials with the project logo.
  • Building workshops and seminars.
  • Rehab Tech Educational conference.
  • Final closure report.

Project Management

  • Kick off meeting.
  • Defining manual for project management.
  • Project Management and Administration.
  • Organizing inner project consortium semi-annual meetings.
  • Organizing annual project consortium meetings.
  • Translations.
  • Closing meeting.