Closing of AbilityTech Academy

Closing of AbilityTech Academy 

The closing day lunched with a project presentation and evaluation session by the specialized jury in engineering, medical sciences and project management, represented by (Prof. Mahmoud Serdah, Dr. Ezz El-Din Adwan, Dr. Sami Abu Shamala), then the project manager and partners participated in delivering motivational speeches. For students to complete their projects and work hard on them.

A detailed video of all stages of the academy's implementation was also shown, and concluded by announcing the names of the winning teams:

First place: Myotech team represented by: Marah Al-Damairi, Mahmoud Abu Odeh, Muhannad Abdel-Aal,

Second place: SA (Smart Air Matters) team represented by: Moamen Al-Sammak, Walaa Murtaja, Ali Obaid,

Third place: the (Skilled-Team) team represented by: Shahd Al-Badrasawy, Ihab Alyan, Amani Jarada, Heba Obaid

It is noteworthy that the AbilityTech Academy implemented within the project increasing the Conformance of Academia towards Rehabilitation Engineering (i-CARE) targets students of engineering and medical specializations from local Palestinian universities in the Gaza Strip. Projects serving people with disabilities by academics and experts in the field of rehabilitation engineering.

Where the Academy was held in three phases: 

  1. Qualifying the idea stage with the participation of 60 students of engineering and medical specialities in 8 training sessions containing lectures on rehabilitation engineering, life skills, and ideas development skills, and 16 trainers from the academy and specialists in the field of ideas participated in the first stage. Engineering and skill development. At the end of the first stage, a jury of ideas was held, which was held in two Panels with specialists in the field to evaluate the appropriate ideas for the second stage.
  2. the project development stage and 35 participants from the first stage participated in this stage whose ideas were rehabilitated and the ideas were combined to develop 10 projects serving people with disabilities within group work over 6 training days that included advanced lectures in rehabilitation engineering and small project management skills, Share Presented by 10 specialists in the field, the second phase also included a mentoring phase in which 10 trainers and specialists participated to guide groups and provide technical and technical skills in project development.
  3. The third and final stage was the project presentation stage, which included the presentation of the projects developed during the academy to a jury of experts in engineering, medical sciences and business administration to evaluate the projects that are most suitable and useful for people with disabilities and qualified to the market so that the best three projects receive valuable prizes.