Rehabilitation Technology Skills Academy

Rehabilitation Technology Skills academy is intensive training for the professionals and students who are interested in the rehabilitation field. The trainers of this academy are the academics from the local universities' who were trained in European universities. This academy will conduct 12 sessions, two sessions every week (Sunday, Wednesday). Each session will take 2 hours.

You should attend the 12 sessions to get the certificate, book all the tickets dates to remind you in the session time. Link of the academy session:

Academy theme:

- Software Skills in Rehabilitation Engineering- Robotics- Technologies in Rehabilitation Engineering- Design skills in Rehabilitation Engineering- Rehabilitation Engineering Ethics- Tele-Health- Patient-Focus

Academy Topics: - Sensors and Actuators in Rehabilitation Engineering- Industrial Ergonomics- Introduction to Labview: Programming and Applications in Medical Engineering- Rehabilitation Robotics- Exoskeletons- 3D printing and Reverse Engineering in Rehabilitation- Sensors, Acquisition and Signal Processing for Rehabilitation Engineering- "Rehabilitation Engineering" Practice Guideline in response to COVID-19 pandemic- Professional and Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation"\ Ethics standards for "Rehabilitation Engineering" Team- Role of the Telehealth in increasing patient access and the provision of rehabilitation & physiotherapy during COVID-19- Infection Control strategies for physiotherapists- Patient Consideration in out-patient clinic in response to CODID-19