i-CARE project conduct the second annual meeting

i-CARE project assumed the second annual meeting 2020 which all the consortium are joining the meeting at University Rehabilitation Institute - Republic of Slovenia (URI) in Slovenia during the Palestinian staffs training there. on another hand, other project staffs are joining online via Skype from Gaza, Dublin, and Bulagria. 
The meeting aimed to follow-up the project progress and activities, and discuss the challenges of the projects, and future work.
The agenda of the meeting was the following: 
- Overview of the achievement in the last year of the project
- Curricula Development process; 
- Practical Material design and preparation; 
- Lab Development; 
- WP2 (Capacity Building); 
- iCareTech2020 Conference; 
- Dissemination Activities; 
- Financial and management activities; 
- Quality Activities;
The consortium discussed and agreed for all the presented point.