The Palestinian academics complete business and management training in Bulgarian

The Palestinian academics completed the 10 days training at Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation- BATTI in Bulgaria targeted 13 acadmics staff in i-CARE project, the training aimed to Participation in training and good practices exchange - Education as a tool for change. 

This intensive training focused on business model included field visits and actual cases that server rehabilition engineering. Furthermore, the training was rich in knowledge and skills that focus on these topics: ( Value based leadership, Leadership styles, Change management, Youth, academics and entrepreneurship, Global trends - future of work, How to create sustainable partnerships, How to do strategic planning in reality, Social entrepreneurship workshop, Fundraising – how it works, How to write good projects,Action planning and etc... ). 
This training as a part of work package two and it’s aimed to build the staff capacities and skills in rehabilitation engineering, and after the academics back to Gaza, they will share this knowledge and experiences with the other academics, professionals and students by conducting peer to peer training.