i-CARE project closes the social and civic innovation academy

Increasing the Conformance of Academia towards Rehabilitation Engineering (i-CARE) project led by Al-Azhar University - Gaza closed the social and civic innovation academy, implemented by the Bulgarian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation (BATTI) from Bulgaria, in partnership with the local partners of the project, Islamic University of Gaza and the University College of Applied Sciences, Al-Wafa Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, in the hall of Dr. Hani Al-Shawa on the eastern campus.

Prof. Sadiq Abu Suleiman, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Essam Abu Shamala, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Issa, Director of iCare Project, Ms. Steliyana Tonchevska, and Ms. Maya Doneva, Trainers from the BATTI Foundation, Bulgaria, participated in the closing ceremony. In the presence of Dr. Mohammed Mushtaha representative of the University College of Applied Sciences, and Eng. Basman Al-Ashi, Director of Al-Wafa Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. Academics from the faculties of engineering, information technology and applied medical sciences, and specialists in rehabilitation from Al Wafa Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, as well as students from the three partner universities participated in the training.

Prof. Dr. Abu Sulaiman welcomed the guests and thanked the Bulgarian delegation for their efforts in carrying out specific activities on campus and targeting students and academics in various training and developmental exercises. International and it is a humanitarian mission before it is an academic mission.

Dr. Issa delivered a speech in which he thanked the efforts of the Bulgarian delegation in the implementation of the activities approved by the project over three consecutive days, including morning training for students from the faculties of engineering and applied medical sciences, and evening training for academics from the three partner institutions, and praised the role of partnership in the exchange of knowledge and experiences between peoples The importance of encouraging the reception of a delegation for knowledge exchange, as it was clear that the iCare project will continue to attract delegations from the project partner countries of Ireland, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Mrs. Doneva and Ms. Tonchevska gave speeches in which they thanked Al-Azhar University-Gaza for their warm reception and explained how impressed they were with the scientific and ethical level of students, outperforming their peers from the European countries in which they had previously trained, and stressed their desire to return again and carry out various activities with Students and academics.

In a speech on behalf of the students participating in the training, the student expressed her happiness to work with a diverse team in specialization and knowledge, and the positive interaction witnessed during the training, which contributed to finding solutions to the problems facing them.

Finally, certificates were distributed to students, academics and administrators involved in the training.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the Academy of Innovation was held for four consecutive days targeting (45) students from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and students of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences from partner universities, in order to spread the skills of leadership and innovation and applied to students projects in rehabilitation engineering that aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities The students worked through various teams in specialization to discover problems and find solutions to them. Six ideas were presented for projects targeting people with disabilities with technological solutions. The Academy also carried out training for (20) academics and administrators from partner universities. Time management skills, project management, leadership and presentation skills and negotiation.