Palestinian academics complete the second training mission at Dublin City University in Ireland

The Palestinian academics completed the 12 days training at Dublin City University in Ireland.
This intensive training focused on rehabilitation engineering included field visits and actual cases. Furthermore, the training was rich in knowledge and skills that focus on these topics: ( Existing Rehab Tech, Ethics of Assistive Tech, Robotics and Exoskeletons, Spinal Injury Care, Biomechanics, Critical Thinking, Motor Control Testing, 3D Printing for Rehab, Assistive Tech in Rehab, Enhanced Teaching, Ethics and Consultation Skills, Curricula Development, Problem Based Learning, Entrepreneurship, Open Inquiry Approach, and Module design, Assessment/ Feedback). 
The DCU training targeted 10 Palestinian academics, and it’s aimed to build their capacities and skills in rehabilitation engineering, and after the academics back to Gaza, they will share this knowledge and experiences with the other academics, professionals and students by conducting peer to peer training.