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i-CARE project launches the social and civic innovation academy by BATTIs experts

i-CARE project launched the social and civic innovation academy on September, 2019. 
This academy targeted engineering and physiotherapist students who enrolled in Al Azhar University- Gaza, Islamic University of Gaza or University College of Applied Sciences.
The innovative academy hold for four days by Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation (BATTI), EU project partner, who are experts on capacity building and knowledge transfer for SMEs, promoting best practices in business support, providing professional and structured support services stimulating the development of the local economy business sectors, entrepreneurships initiatives, clusters initiatives, life-long learning, youth activities, immigrants integration, social entrepreneurship, empowering disabled people and cross-border cooperation.

El Wafa hospital, project Palestinian partner, organizes two days training titled with Rehabilitation at El wafa Hospital for academics, professionals and students

El Wafa hospital organized the Rehabilitation at El Wafa Hospital training. Its targeted the academics, professionals and students.

This training within peer to peer training, and its aimed to bridge the gap between rehabilitation technology and science education at the Palestinian universities and the rehabilitation procedures and practices at the Palestinian rehabilitation service providers.

Curricula development committee conducts a meeting

Curricula development committee conducted a meeting to discuss the feedback given on the new modules to be developed by the three partner Palestinian Universities as part of i-CARE activities. The modules will focus on teaching Rehabilitation Engineering and Technologies to engineering and physiotherapy students at local universities, Al Azhar University - Gaza, The Islamic University of Gaza, and University College of Applied Sciences.

i-CARE director signs MOU with ICPET 2019 general Co-chair

In cooperation with International Conference on Promising Electronic Technologies (ICPET 2019), i-CARE director signs MOU with ICPET 2019 general Co-chair to cooperate in organizing the conference in its third edition. This cooperation aims to encourage research and development in the field of rehabilitation engineering and technology among students, academics and professionals.