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Welcome to i-CARE project website, which provides detailed and comprehensive information about the project activities and implementation including its Work package, Consortium Board, Resources, Dissemination, and Project Team.

i-CARE  Latest News

i-CARE project assume a technical committee meeting

i-CARE project assumed a technical committee meeting to develop a curriculum for rehabilitation engineering program at Palestinian universities

i-CARE project collaborates in organizing ICPET 2019

In cooperation with Al-Azhar University - Gaza (AUG) and Palestine Technical College - Deir El-Balah (PTC), i-CARE project collaborates in organizing the International Conference on Promising Electronic Technologies (ICPET) - 2019.

ICPET 2019 will host researchers and technologists from industry and academia in Palestine and all over the world to present their latest research results in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, computing and modern areas of promising technologies such as medical and rehabilitation engineering.

ICPET 2019 will be held during the period 23-24 Oct 2019 at Al Mashtal Hotel, Gaza City, Palestine.

For more information, please check the ICPET website (http://icpet.net/


i-CARE project conducted a workshop entitled with health research ethics: need assessments

In cooperation with health sciences faculty at Islamic University of Gaza, the i-CARE project conducted a workshop entitled with “health research ethics: need assessments” 
The workshop discussed the following topics; 
- introduction to health research ethics by Prof. Abdelraouf Elmanama
- research ethical committee: an overview by Dr Asaad Yousef 
- Existing situation in Palestine by Prof. Adnan Al-Hindi
- Focus groups for need assessment with participants
- Groups presentations and discussion
In the end, Prof. Mahmoud Sirdah closed the workshop and figured out the most remarks points of it.

The first annual meeting for i-CARE project

As a part of management activities, i-CARE project conducted the first annual meeting with all the project consortium, and it takes place at Al Azhar University – Gaza for Palestinian partners. on another side, our EU partners joined the meeting via Skype. The annual meeting aimed to engage all the project partners on the projects activities, progress, and future work, to decide together for the common points. 

Agenda was the following:

-  Overview of the achievement in the past year of the project

-  Dissemination for the Need Assessment and Benchmarking report, work package 1

-  Steps in WP2 (Capacity Building)

-  Curricula Development

-  Lab Development

-  Quality Activities

-  Dissemination Activities

-  Financial and management activities

- Open Discussion

At the end of the meeting, the consortium agreed for the future work plan.