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i-CARE project conducts a follow up meeting with UCAS

i-CARE project conducted a follow up meeting with UCAS team to discuss the progress of the project activities and plan for next stage

i-CARE project conducts a virtual workshop entitled with ICF & the Outcome measures in Rehabilitation

i-CARE project conducted a virtual workshop entitled with ICF & the Outcome measures in Rehabilitation, it's targeted PT and engineering students from the local universities by Dr Suad Ghaben and Dr Maryam Muhanna.
this workshop aimed to enhance the students in rehabilitation engineering to bridge the market gap in the field.

i-CARE underwent a Virtual Advisory Field Monitoring Visit led by NEO

i-CARE underwent a Virtual Advisory Field Monitoring Visit led by the Director of National Erasmus office - Palestine, Dr. Nedal Jayousi.

The meeting aimed at monitoring the progress of i-CARE project activities thus far and to oversee next years planned activities and challenges.

After the coordinator's presentation of achievements, plans, challenges and alternative plans, Dr. Nedal Jayousi gave his positive impressions about the achievement and efforts of i-CARE team. Dr. Jayousi also gave advice and recommendations on the best practices that can be made to make i-CARE even more successful with more impact and sustainability.

i-CARE consortium, The Islamic University - Gaza, University College of Applied Sciences, El-Wafa Hospital, Dublin City University - Ireland, University Rehabilitation Institute - Slovenia, University of Ruse - Bulgaria, BATTI - Bulgaria, Stakeholder representatives (EASTIN, AAATE), Student Club (Rehaloop) and beneficiaries attended the meeting and shared their feedback on i-CARE project.

Additionally, the President of Al-Azhar University - Gaza attended in the last session of the meeting and confirmed the positive effect of i-CARE project on AUG and consortium. Moreover, the president showed his support to ensure the success of i-CARE project and its iCareTech2020 conference during this challenging time.

The Visit was fruitful and all partners showed great spirit of cooperation and indicated the positive impact that i-CARE has achieved so far.


Technical committee conducts a virtual meeting

i-CARE project conducted a virtual meeting with the technical committee to discuss the clinical manual for rehabilitation engineering lab.